7 Tricks for Boosting the Immune System

Hello all… Welcome back to the Lumira Blog-O-Sphere! Today, I have a special topic for you: natural strategies for boosting your immune system. In light of current events, it is extremely important to take proper care of yourself. Whether used alone or in conjunction with mainstream medical interventions, the following tips can be quite helpful! […]

4 Exercises and Habits to Avoid Forever!

Well hello there, and welcome back to the Lumira blog-o-sphere! With January 2020 upon us, we are entering the time of New Year’s Resolutions! Some of us hope to change our dietary intake, while others are engaging in new and exciting exercise routines. Since many are planning the latter, I thought I’d share some of […]

5 Essential Oils You Should Always Have in Your Home

Life is about experience. Experience is about enjoying the essence of life! Hello all and welcome back to the Lumira blog-o-sphere! Today we have a pretty exciting topic for you: a list of five amazing essential oils that you should always keep in your home. I’ve sat down with our Certified Aromatherapist and Reflexologist, Liana, […]

Preparing for the End of Summer

Hello all and welcome back to the Lumira blog-o-sphere… What a lovely summer it has been! Filled with sunshine, warmth, and plenty of time to kick back and relax with loved ones. Many of us also use this time to re-balance our bodies and practice various forms of self-care. As summer gradually comes to an […]

5 Reasons Why Prenatal Massage Therapy is Phenomenal!

Hello there and welcome back to the Lumira blog-o-sphere! We all know that getting a massage is one of life’s greatest treats… I mean, who doesn’t enjoy feeling like a million bucks?! So today, I thought I’d discuss the benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy and the top 5 reasons why I, as a Pelvic Floor […]

11 Reasons Why Dads Are Fantastic

Well hello there and welcome back to the Lumira blog-o-sphere! With Father’s Day around the corner, I’d like to dedicate this article to papa bears everywhere! Here are 11 reasons why I think you are simply fantastic: 1. Dads often get very “creative” at mealtime Depending on your dad’s cooking skills, you might have been […]

A Note About Pain

Well hello again, and welcome back to the Lumira ‘blog-o-sphere’! Today I would like to chat about pain and its most effective treatments… What is Pain? Well, I think we are all familiar with the feeling of pain. Whether we’ve experienced it by stubbing a toe, delivering a baby, or having chronic low back problems, […]

Why Women Are Marvelous!

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! First of all, I want to state that I believe all people of all genders are marvelous in their own right… I just thought that given the theme of today, I would share some thoughts on why women specifically are amazing! Since the beginning of humans, women have been incredibly […]

7 Things I Learned from a 30-Day Yoga Practice

Hello all and welcome to the first Lumira blog of 2019! I hope you are so far enjoying a lovely February (weather notwithstanding) and are happily maintaining your New Year’s resolutions! For my first piece of 2019, I thought I would share some thoughts on my recent experience with a 30-day, at-home yoga practice. Throughout the […]

10 Reasons Why You Could Benefit from a Massage this Holiday Season

Oh my gosh the holidays are almost here. I am so busy running around that I can’t even enjoy this time of year! Sound familiar? Ya, I thought so. Well, there’s no doubt about it – the holiday season is finally upon us! I am sure that many of us are spending these last few […]