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100 Reasons Why Your Body Is Amazing

100 Reasons Why Your Body Is Amazing

Friday, February 5, 2018

Written by: Cora Tomowich

As the 2018 year progresses, it is always nice to reflect on the little miracles of everyday life… I have therefore decided to comprise a list of 100 reasons why I believe the human body to be one of the most amazing little machines ever constructed:

  1. You body started as one single cell
  2. Your body grew based on the information provided from 23 pairs of chromosomes
  3. Each chromosome has 2 strands of DNA to create your entire genetic make-up
  4. If you uncoiled all of the DNA in your body, it would stretch billions and billions of miles!
  5. Half of these DNA genes focus on designing your brain while the other half design the rest of your body
  6. Your brain began forming almost at the precise moment of your conception
  7. Your teeth began growing approximately 6 months before you were born
  8. While in utero, you had no air in your lungs and you were not breathing in the traditional sense
  9. Your very first breath as a newborn was to help close the hole in your heart which, while in utero, ensured that air bypassed your lungs and went straight to your growing body
  10. During a vaginal birth, a newborn has to do a lot of rotating, twisting, and bending to do in order to move through the birth canal
  11. Your fingerprints developed approximately 6 months before you were born
  12. Most likely, you were born with blue eyes until the presence of melanin decided their true colour later on
  13. The ovum is the largest cell of the human body
  14. The sperm is the smallest cell of the human body
  15. Some of the reflexes with which you were born do not exist beyond the first few months of life
  16. Babies are born with more bones than adults
  17. If you aged as fast as you developed in utero, you would be a giant by the time you hit age 2!
  18. Your nose can remember approximately 50,000 different smells
  19. Your eye can detect approximately 10 million different colours
  20. You have about 2,000 taste buds… each with the ability to detect different flavours and tastes
  21. After eating too much, your hearing becomes less sharp
  22. When you are afraid, your ears produce more earwax
  23. When you hear a noise, your pupils dilate… even with small noises
  24. Your brain is more active at night than during the day
  25. Your feet have about 500,000 sweat glands that are able to produce about a pint of sweat in a single day
  26. There are approximately 100,000 miles of blood vessels in your body
  27. Your liver has the ability to regenerate itself, even if 75% of it is removed!
  28. Your skeleton renews itself approximately every 10 years
  29. Your outer skin renews itself approximately every 27 days
  30. You stomach lining replaces itself approximately every 3 to 5 days
  31. Your taste buds are replaced every 10 to 14 days
  32. Your eyelashes are replaced every 4 to 8 weeks
  33. Your fingernails grow approximately one nanometer every second
  34. Your fingernails grow 4x faster than your toe nails… and the nail of the middle finger is the fastest of them all!
  35. Your facial hair grows faster than any other hair on your body
  36. When you are awake, your brain produces enough electricity to power a light bulb
  37. Your heartbeat can mimic the music you listen to… so listen wisely!
  38. Your brain uses 20% of the oxygen you consume
  39. Your body tissues respond, grow, and/or remodel according to the mechanical stresses and forces you gradually apply to them
  40. There are more bacteria in your mouth than there are people in the world
  41. The skin cells in the vagina are the same as the skin cells in the mouth… but the vagina is cleaner!
  42. Tension in the pelvic floor muscles can change the pitch and strength of your voice
  43. You can survive 1-2 months without food
  44. You can survive 10-11 days without sleep
  45. You can survive 2-3 days without drinking water
  46. Your pinky finger provides about 50% of your hand’s strength
  47. Your pinky toe is essential for balance
  48. Your hands and feet contain almost half of all the bones in your skeleton
  49. The diameter of your spinal cord is smaller than the diameter of your aorta
  50. The diameter of your aorta is about the same as the diameter of a regular garden hose
  51. The structure of your brain changes when you learn something new
  52. The structure of your brain changes during puberty
  53. When your pelvic floor muscles work in close synergy with the diaphragm, pressure systems throughout all of your body cavities can be optimized and can actually reduce or eliminate headaches, random shoulder pain, pelvic pain, bloating, and ringing in the ears
  54. Neurons continue to grow throughout your lifetime… so keep on learning new things!
  55. You are about 1 cm taller in the morning than you are by the end of the day
  56. Your ears and nose never stop growing
  57. Hearty laughter can dilate your blood vessels and increase your immune system response
  58. Many of your body’s blood vessels contain one-way valves that prevent gravity from causing blood to pool in your limbs
  59. The practice of forgiveness can actually increase alpha waves in the brain… much like during the practice of meditation
  60. Your pinky toe is required for balance
  61. Your tongue print is unique
  62. Your eye colour can actually predict your overall health!
  63. Your body produces about a litre of mucus per day… to keep you safe from viral and bacterial invaders!
  64. During pregnancy, an expectant mum’s kidneys lengthen by approximately 1 cm
  65. Grooves in your nasal cavity cause the air that is inhaled through the nose to swirl, moisten, and warm-up before it touches the sensitive tissue of the lungs
  66. Your sense of smell is your oldest sense and does not get processed in the brain like any of your other senses
  67. All bodily pain is actually “felt” or expressed in the brain
  68. Your brain itself cannot feel pain
  69. During early pregnancy, an expectant mum’s immune system is lowered so that her body will not erroneously attack a growing fetus
  70. Excessive tightness in some neck muscles can actually increase feelings of stress and anxiety as they are located quite close to the part of your nervous system that governs your fight/flight response
  71. Your lungs always have a residual volume of air in them
  72. Your bladder always has a residual volume of urine in it
  73. Your brain and gut maintain a close relationship… your emotions, stress, and mental health can affect your body’s ability to digest
  74. Every second, your brain generates approximately 100,000 chemical reactions
  75. A human brain cell can hold 5x more information than the encyclopedia
  76. About 80% of your brain is water
  77. Your lungs can hold about 5-minutes worth of oxygen
  78. On average, you will produce enough saliva in your lifetime to fill 2 swimming pools!
  79. Your heart creates enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet… but I wouldn’t recommend testing this
  80. The entire surface area of your lung is equal to that of a tennis court
  81. If given the opportunity, your lungs could expand to very VERY large sizes… they are restricted by your ribcage
  82. Your small intestine is about 20-23 feet long
  83. Your liver has at least 500 known functions
  84. You could still survive even if a large portion of your internal organs were removed… but again, I wouldn’t recommend testing this
  85. You are a carbon-based life-form… you know what else is made of carbon? Diamonds!
  86. You use approximately 200 muscles to take one step… proving that walking is very beneficial exercise!
  87. Every minute, 300 millions cells in your body die… but don’t worry because…
  88. Every day, an adult produces 300 billion new cells!
  89. The cornea of your eyes receives no blood supply as it is happy to take oxygen right from the air
  90. About 80% of your body heat is lost through the head… so wear a hat when it’s cold outside!
  91. You have at least 700 active enzymes in your body
  92. If allowed to grow for an entire lifetime, your hair could be approximately 725 km long
  93. Your hair grows twice as fast during an airplane flight
  94. The chemical elements of your body equate to approximately $200.00
  95. You spend about 10% of your waking life blinking
  96. When a new mum breastfeeds, her brain structure changes to become more attuned to her child’s crying
  97. Upon delivery and skin-to-skin contact, Oxytocin is released in a new mum’s brain which helps her to bond to her baby
  98. The vagina has a pH of approximately 4.5… which is the same acidity level as beer!
  99. The iron in your blood and the calcium in your bones came from the giant explosion we know as The Big Bang!
  100. And my personal favourite… no matter how hard you look, you will NEVER find a single body quite like yours! Yours is wonderfully unique to you, and you alone! So treat your body with love and kindness, and it shall serve you well 🙂

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