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12 Reasons Why Your Mom is Amazing

12 Reasons Why Your Mom is Amazing

Friday, May 5, 2018

Written by: Cora Tomowich

Happy Mother’s Day to one and all! This weekend we celebrate the wonderful mamas in our lives… and let’s be honest, they deserve a lot of love! But May isn’t only dedicated to mamas… did you know that May is also Pelvic Health Awareness Month?! I’d say this calls for two ‘hips’ and a ‘hooray’!

You see, mamas and the pelvic floor actually have a lot in common: both are supportive, both are the source of great strength, and both are paramount to bringing more little humans onto planet Earth! So, even though Mother’s Day is only 24 hours long, I think it is important to recognize that mamas are truly incredible women all the time! Let’s take a moment now to reflect on why the moms in your life deserve a little TLC…

  1. Without complaint, a mom will deal with the less pleasant parts of her baby’s early life, such as, changing diapers, being awake at all hours, and collecting spit-up (usually on the front of her shirt)
  2. Over time, a mom will develop natural instincts that align with her baby’s specific needs – she will know her baby’s cry over any other
  3. A mom doesn’t mind getting soaked by the rain in order to keep her baby warm and dry
  4. No matter how painful her labour, a mom will always say that having children was worth it!
  5. A mom can be the best and most unwavering source of emotional support
  6. I’ve noticed that moms somehow inherently become excellent tailors and can sew any Halloween costume like nobody’s business!
  7. A mom will always have really cool life hacks to share (i.e., using white out to fix paint scratches)
  8. For some reason, every meal made by a mom is more delicious than a fine dining experience… even when she can’t really cook!
  9. It is common knowledge that a mom will often carry toys, snacks, small clothing items, and first aid products in her purse… you know, just in case her baby needs something
  10. A mom will always try to “stay hip” to what’s cool and new. This can sometimes be embarrassing but just be patient with her… she tries because she cares
  11. No matter how old her offspring, a mom will always worry if he or she is warm enough
  12. A mom will often spend many hours a day thinking about the best ways to ensure the health and happiness of her baby; and this will continue for life because her baby is always her baby!

So go ahead and spread the love to all the special mamas in your life…

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us here at Lumira Pelvic Health & Wellness!


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