5 Reasons Why Prenatal Massage Therapy is Phenomenal!

5 Reasons Why Prenatal Massage Therapy is Phenomenal!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Written by: Cora Tomowich

Hello there and welcome back to the Lumira blog-o-sphere!

We all know that getting a massage is one of life’s greatest treats… I mean, who doesn’t enjoy feeling like a million bucks?!

So today, I thought I’d discuss the benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy and the top 5 reasons why I, as a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, often refer patients to this phenomenal service:

1. Prenatal Massage is Relaxing

With a bun in the oven, there is a never-ending list of things to do to prepare for motherhood. Women often find themselves in a very busied state while trying to prepare for maternity leave, decorate the nursery, pick a name, etc. Some mums wind up feeling exhausted, and can suffer from insomnia, especially in the first trimester. Prenatal Massage Therapy can be a wonderful supplement to the hustle and bustle! It can improve overall relaxation and ultimately promote sleep hygiene and restfulness.

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2. Prenatal Massage can Promote Maternal Health

Massage Therapy can help to improve blood flow throughout the body. This includes blood flow to the internal organs, such as, the urogenital and digestive organs. Many mums often experience constipation and/or excessive urination as a result of pregnancy. Improved blood flow to these areas can help mum maintain healthy bowel movements and overall digestion. A combination of Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy, can significantly improve her ease of elimination during pregnancy and thereafter!

3. Prenatal Massage can Promote Fetal Health

When mum feels good, her baby feels good! All too often, maternal distress, whether emotional or physical, can hinder fetal positioning, heart rate, blood pressure, and eventual descent during labour. With the hands-on techniques of Prenatal Massage, a mother’s blood flow can be improved for overall well-being, and therefore facilitate the well-being of her baby!

4. Prenatal Massage can Help Treat Pregnancy Pains

Depending on the pregnancy, a new mum can experience a plethora of aches and pains. Sometimes these pains can be isolated to the feet, knees, hips, low back, and pelvic girdle. Here at Lumira Wellness, we offer a wide variety of services to address each and every one of those! Prenatal Reflexology, for example, can help treat those tender tootsies, while Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy exercises can help manage symptoms at home. Prenatal Massage Therapy can help work out those ‘knots and kinks’ that just won’t go away, for an overall sense of ease in the changing body.

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5. Prenatal Massage can Help Optimize Body Balance

Through a combination of exercises and soft tissue work, we can help to balance the muscular and fascial forces acting on a growing uterus. As pregnancy progresses, these forces can be put out of balance and cause fetal malpositioning, as well as, maternal discomfort. Therefore, while I address internal pelvic structures using exercises and hands-on techniques, I often refer new mums to Prenatal Massage Therapy for external work as a co-treatment. Together, both therapies can help to optimize uterine and fetal positioning in preparation for labour and birth.

So there you have it folks! Now, I would like to clarify that any new mums seeking Massage Therapy should consult their doctor or midwife prior to its use during pregnancy. If you have any questions about your specific needs, please feel free to call us anytime… we are happy to help!

Until next time… Cheers 🙂