Reflexology 101

Reflexology 101

Friday, August 5, 2018

Written by: Cora Tomowich

Well, hello there and welcome to our discussion about the ancient healing art of Reflexology…

Joining me is Liana, Registered Reflexologist, Certified Aromatherapist, and valued member of the Lumira team! Since more awareness is being given to the practice of Reflexology, we thought it might be a good idea to share some insight on the subject… so grab a seat and read on MacDuff!

Cora: Hi Liana and thank you for joining me in this chat about Reflexology

Liana: It’s my pleasure… I always enjoy talking about my life’s work!

Cora: So what can you tell me about Reflexology? What does the treatment involve?

Liana: Well, Reflexology is an ancient healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the head, feet, and hands that ‘reflect’ each and every body part! Through the application of massage and gentle pressure on these reflexes, the balance of all bodily systems can be greatly improved while also producing deep relaxation.

Cora: That’s very interesting… Now, when you say ‘each and every body part’, does that mean that organs, such as, the stomach, lungs, and spleen are represented in the head, feet, and hands?

Liana: Absolutely… and we can help the functioning of these organs through gentle massage to the head, feet, and hands.

Cora: What kinds of conditions, injuries, or illnesses can Reflexology help to treat?

Liana: Well some of the most commonly treated conditions include but are not limited to plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonopathy, arthritis, hammer toe, turf toe, headaches, migraines, sinus congestion, lung congestion, PMS, persistent pain, and general organ dysfunction.

Cora: That’s really great to know thank you! With this in mind, what is the difference between a Reflexology massage and a regular foot massage?

Liana: Both feel wonderful but a Reflexology massage has more of a therapeutic effect on the body since each reflex is worked for overall health benefits. And because these reflexes are targeted individually, the overall benefit of Reflexology is more evident than that of a regular foot massage.

Cora: Is Reflexology safe to do during all trimesters of pregnancy?

Liana: Absolutely! All that would have to change is that the reproductive areas of the head, feet, and hands would be worked less or not at all during the earlier stages of pregnancy.

Cora: I’m glad to hear that as I often have patients asking about Reflexology and how it would help with overall pregnancy-related changes to the body. Now, if a new mum is overdue, would Reflexology be able to help promote labour naturally?

Liana: Yes and I’ve had great results with that! Within 1-3 days of a Reflexology treatment (and it has not yet gone to 3 full days for any of my clients), the baby is born!

Cora: Awesome! I’m sure Reflexology would be a much healthier alternative to some of the other ways that labour can be induced!

Liana: Oh yes, without question.

Cora: So does this mean that Reflexology can also be used during labour to help with pain, contractions, and delivery?

Liana: Yes, yes, and yes… Reflexology can be helpful during, before, and after labour!  During labour, it helps to relax mom so that she can balance her mind and body in order to do all that she needs to do with greater ease and for a quicker, less stressful birth. Before labour, it keeps mom relaxed, allowing the body to better prepare for what’s to come. After labour, recovery is so much faster and gentler for mom so that she’s ready for motherhood!

Cora: Can Reflexology also be used for newborns who experience digestive issues and/or are colic-y?

Liana: For sure! I’ve used it in my own family quite often! Reflexology can also help a newborn with elimination and sleep… a thing that many new mums welcome in the postpartum months.

Cora: Fantastic! I am so happy that there are so many benefits with this treatment… Is there anything else about Reflexology that you would like to share before we sign off?

Liana: Just this… after almost 30 years, it still never surprises me what a benefit Reflexology has been to people of all ages, gender, and with any ailment imaginable. Reflexology just seems to have the ability to make everything better; and sometimes clients can’t pinpoint exactly why. They’ll notice overall that they feel better and/or sleep better and/or digest better and/or find an improvement in: circulation, blood pressure, energy, mental abilities, elimination, breathing, moods, outlook on life, and so on and so on. I just do my thing and then wait to see what they tell me!

Cora: That’s awesome! Thank you so much for sharing… I always like to learn more about different treatment modalities and I’m sure many of our followers feel the same.

Liana: Me too and thanks for having me!

So there you have it! A brief discussion about Reflexology and its primary applications in promoting health. If you have any questions or concerns about your specific needs, please do not hesitate to reach out, we would love to hear from you!

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