Why Women Are Marvelous!

Why Women Are Marvelous!

Friday, March 5, 2019

Written by: Cora Tomowich

Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

First of all, I want to state that I believe all people of all genders are marvelous in their own right… I just thought that given the theme of today, I would share some thoughts on why women specifically are amazing!

Since the beginning of humans, women have been incredibly active in the evolution, growth, and progress of the species. Long before Captain Marvel came into our lives, generations of women lived as real-life superheroes and role models in various ways. From Mother Teresa to Marie Curie to Oprah Winfrey to the suffragettes, women have accomplished some pretty terrific things.

To each and every one of them I say: “THANK YOU!”

And so, on this International Women’s Day, I would like to share a list of my own top-ten reasons why I think women are marvelous (feel free to add to it as you see fit):

1. Women can give birth

Not exactly the easiest thing to do, and yet women continue to do it… Thank you Mom!

2. Women can handle a lot of pain

Between monthly periods, cramps, bikini waxes, laser hair removal, and labour, women have an incredible capacity to handle physical pain. Studies have even found women to have higher pain thresholds than their male counterparts.

3. Women live longer

Studies show that women often live longer than men. In general, women seek alternative and mainstream healthcare services more often than men; perhaps demonstrating that preventative maintenance is the key to longevity.

4. Women have great communication skills

Women are quite good at maintaining professional and personal relationships with their coworkers, friends, and family members. I, for one, know that day or night, my bestie is only ever a phone call away… Love you Sam!

5. Women can handle emotions better than you think

To the casual observer, women may appear, at times, to ‘over-express’ or be overwhelmed by heavy emotions. However, in being more attuned to our feelings, women generally have a strong ability to recognize, release, and overcome our unwanted emotions, while helping those around us do the same.

6. Women are more likely to survive accidents

Apparently some studies have found that women aged 13-64 were 14% more likely to survive potentially fatal accidents when compared to their male counterparts.

7. Women have better clothing options

On this, I specifically refer to the fact that on a hot summer’s day, women are never required to wear (and subsequently boil in) a three-piece suit and tie to a formal outdoor event… Thank you sundresses!

8. Little girls are easier to potty train

According to many of my patients, family members, and my own mother, little girls are easier to potty train than little boys.

9. Women are great at multi-tasking

Every single woman I know can do at least three things at once. Just watch any new mum and see how she does it. Or for that matter, observe any Italian woman cook Sunday dinner for 15 people, while still making time to clean the house, tend to the garden, and get her nails done… Love you Zia!

10. Women support each other

When the chips are down, women will support one another. Even in the face of a long-standing rivalry or grudge, we got each others’ backs when it matters most… Keep up the great work ladies!

**Bonus: We have Buffy!**

In 1996, women got what I believe to be the world’s greatest television superhero: Buffy the Vampire Slayer! That girl can kick some serious demon a**, while still acing her SATs and maintaining solid friendships with her closest buds… Thank you Joss Whedon and Sarah Michelle Gellar for bringing Buffy to life, and for influencing young girls all over the world!

And there’s my short list… Of course there are many more reasons why women rock. So for all of those reasons and more, please share your love with the women in your life and celebrate their awesomeness everyday!

Until next time 🙂