Energy Healing

1. What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a Traditional Japanese practice that aims to optimize the flow of energy throughout the body. Using meditation and intuitive guidance, we can assess your personal energy flow and bring your body into balance.

2. What is Organ Healing?

Organ Healing is a type of Energy Healing that focuses on the organs of the body. It involves the use of Reiki and intuitive guidance to assess blocked energies that manifest as chronic illness and poor organ functioning.

This type of healing aims to release these blockages and stagnant energies, in order to restore physical health and wellness.

3. What is Trauma Body Work?

Trauma Body Work is another type of Energy Healing that focuses on releasing past trauma and/or traumatic energy that has been stored in the body. Through guided meditation, we create space to resolve any emotions or past experiences that come to the surface, and wish to be healed.

4. How do I know I need an Energy Healing session?

Honestly, it is entirely up to you! If you are suffering from mental, emotional, or physical upset, you may benefit from the added support of an Energy Healing session.

At Lumira Pelvic Health & Wellness, we strive to create a space where you feel comfortable talking and being heard.

There is always room for healing, especially if you feel imbalanced or have any concerning symptoms.

5. Can I have Energy Healing while suffering from an illness or disease?

Absolutely! In the presence of an illness or disease, Energy Healing can be an effective treatment to use in combination with other therapeutic modalities. Energy Healing is completely safe and may also improve the effectiveness of other treatments.

6. What can I expect during my Energy Healing session?

The first few minutes of your session will begin with conversation. We will discuss your health history and your intake form before continuing with Organ Healing or Trauma Body Work. Through intuitive guidance, we will assess your flow of energy and discuss any information that is received or comes to light. This will help direct our healing session and follow-up protocol.

Afterwards, we will discuss our findings, your immediate results/reactions, and next steps for healing.

7. How should I expect to feel after an Energy Healing session?

How you feel after an Energy Healing session is a very unique experience – everyone is different! Sometimes people feel more energized, while others may feel a bit tired.

It is encouraged that you tell your therapist how you are feeling so that your treatments can be modified as needed.

Priya Jhaveri

Energy Healer