Holistic Healing

1. What is Holistic Healing?

Holistic Healing comprises many different wellness practices that each consider the whole person – physically, emotionally, and mentally – in the quest for optimal health. It stems from the knowledge that you are a three-part being: body, mind, and soul; and that your health relies on the balance of each of those parts.

2. What conditions can Holistic Healing treat?

Holistic Healing can help treat any condition! Holistic Healing practices come in a variety of forms, such as counseling, guided meditations, or hands-on therapies. You are welcome to try any technique that seems right for you and your specific needs at any given time. Holistic Healing practices can also be highly beneficial in helping to balance and optimize the results provided by other traditional treatments or therapies you are receiving for your health.

3. What kinds of Holistic Healing treatments do you offer at Lumira?

In addition to the holistic approaches taken in Pelvic Health Physiotherapy, Orthopedic Physiotherapy, and Massage Therapy, we offer the following Holistic Healing treatments at Lumira:

4. How should I expect to feel after a session of Holistic Healing?

After a session of Holistic Healing, there are physical, emotional, and perhaps mental sensations that come to the surface. It largely depends on the specific therapy you received, as well as, the depth of the work that was done during your session. Typically, clients will experience a sense of relaxation and openness after a Holistic Healing treatment.

5. Do you offer gift certificates?

Absolutely! Gift certificates can be purchased at the clinic. Inquire within or contact us for more information.

Liana Tomowich

Holistic Practitioner