Pelvic Health Physiotherapy


Targeted manual therapy to the muscles lining the base of the abdomen and pelvis to treat incontinence, pain, prolapse, prepare the body for pregnancy and birth, and promote optimal core health.



Manual therapy to treat acute or chronic pain and injury to muscles, joints, and bones of the body. Additional movement analysis and exercise prescription to supplement manual therapy techniques.



An ancient healing art that involves manual therapy to the reflex points in the head, feet, and/or hands to bring about health and balance to the body. No oils, creams, or tools are used and an epsom salt footbath precedes each treatment.



A specific type of manual therapy that involves a full body application of essential oils. Treatment includes the head and face, and employs the use of only organic, therapeutic-grade essential oil blends. These oils are of the highest quality on the market, and their therapeutic value is guaranteed from ‘seed to seal’.

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