Cora Tomowich

Cora Tomowich

Cora is a Registered Pelvic Health and Orthopedic Physiotherapist at Lumira Wellness. Through an evidence-based approach, she works closely with each client to create a unique treatment plan designed to optimize overall health and wellness. As Clinic Owner, Cora is honoured to be working with such an incredible team of practitioners here at Lumira!

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Liana Tomowich - Holistic Health Practitioner

Liana Tomowich

Liana is a Registered Reflexologist, Certified Aromatherapist, and Holistic Practitioner at Lumira Wellness. With over 30 years in her field, she has worked as an instructor for the Holt School of Natural Healing; and has become adept with the Release Technique, Indian Head Massage, and Intuitive Counselling. Liana strives to provide holistic and well-rounded care to clients from all walks of life!

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Ashley Cziraki-Forstner - Registered Massage Therapy

Ashley Cziraki-Forstner

Ashley is a Registered Massage Therapist at Lumira Wellness. Throughout her career, she has developed her skills in the techniques of prenatal massage, fascial and soft tissue release, craniosacral therapy, and more. Ashley is a strong advocate for balancing physical and mental health; and is dedicated to helping clients achieve their wellness goals!

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